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Everyone is called to be a disciple, not just saved. To do this well, you have to connect. This is the first step of being a part of Xcel. Connecting to God, to each other, to the church and to the wider community too.


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A disciple is one who has chosen to follow Jesus and is committed to learning and growing in the things of God. Growth doesn’t happen by chance but by being a part of a healthy environment. When you start coming to Xcel and decide to make it your home, we want to play our part in helping to see your life grow and expand in all areas.


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Being a part of something really means jing together with others around the vision and putting our hand to whatever the needs are. We are always looking for people that have a willingness to volunteer and serve.


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The health of the church is seen through how it raises up and develops leaders. At Xcel we believe that everyone has the ability and opportunity to become a leader, not just in church but across all spheres of life.


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We want to help you to grow as a follower of Jesus - let us know how we can help you.