Our Vision

To build a large, influential Christ-centred church that brings hope and transforms lives.

To cultivate a strong faith-filled environment, full of life, where people are empowered and equipped to live out their God-given purpose and destiny.

To create a community that loves people and is passionate about reaching their world and the world.

XCEL 2020

We have a vision to build a large, influential Christ-centred church. This is being worked out through our 2020 Vision which contains 5 big things that we see in the future of Xcel Church and we would love for you to become a part of.

Facilitate 2500 worshippers across our weekend services

This will be through new locations - including Xcel Bangalore which launches in 2016. Our desire is to always make our Gatherings life-giving, faith-filled, with good teaching that helps people to connect and grow with God in every day.

Helping more people

This is about demonstrating the love of Jesus in practical ways to those around us through our Foodbank, new Community Action Teams in all locations and other community focused initiatives through our locations.

Connect our church family more effectively

As we grow larger the ability to connect in small groups becomes more important. Xcel Groups will include different types of Groups, for all ages, along with Bible based & Interest Groups too. Our desire as we grow is to see the number of Groups increase so that by 2020 we would have about 150 Groups.

Train 500 leaders

This is about training up Godly leaders in all areas of life, be that in work, home, business, civic & council affairs or in the local church.

Increase our Influence as Resource Centre to the Church

Our desire is to equip the Church at large. This may be done through various resources such as an Xcel Album, books, church resources, as well as growing our Influence Conference and launching new Influence events geared towards Youth, Worship and Leadership.


This is our vision of what Xcel Church could look like in 2020 and some of the things we might do.