Our Vision

To build a large, influential Christ-centred church that brings hope and transforms lives.

To cultivate a strong faith-filled environment, full of life, where people are empowered and equipped to live out their God-given purpose and destiny.

To create a community that loves people and is passionate about reaching their world and the world.

XCEL 2020

We have a vision to build a large, influential Christ-centred church. This is being worked out through our 2020 Vision which contains five big things that we see in the future of Xcel Church and we would love for you to become a part of.


 We want to see growth in terms of more people becoming disciples of Jesus Christ. We will do this through our  ‘life-giving’ gatherings and continued outreach and expansion through our locations and future opportunities to reach more people.


Leaders in Life

We want to see growth in how we live our lives, to grow as people, with big hearts, big dreams and big faith so that we are ‘leading in life’, whatever ‘spheres’ of life we are serving in. We want to train people to be Godly Leaders in all areas of life.



Helping more people. We want to demonstrate the love and life of Jesus by helping people in practical ways, through our various community focused initiatives through our locations and by empowering people and inspiring people to be generous.



Connect our church family more effectively. We care about people connecting to each other through life giving small groups and various other opportunities to connect and grow.  As we grow in all areas we want to give more opportunities for people to connect and make friends and maintain healthy friendships in every generation and season of life.



Our desire is to serve ‘The Church’ at Large. This can be done through various resources, such as music, writing, conferences and events so that we can be a Resource Centre that inspires many people.


This is our vision of what Xcel Church could look like in 2020 and some of the things we might do.