Xcel Groups

Xcel Groups are all about bringing people together.

As Church becomes larger the need to grow smaller in focus increases in importance. Sundays are about Church, while Groups are all about personal support, meeting people and building friendships, as well as providing a place where we can care for each other.

If you would like to join an Xcel Group and see what they're all about, have a look at the groups available this term! Click the link below and head to your Xcel Church Dashboard, log in and then click the 'Xcel Groups' icon.  

FAQ's About Groups

You can expect to connect with others through a common activity, engage in life giving conversation and request prayer. You will probably enjoy some good food aswell.
Most Groups meet either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Groups are about bringing meaning and community into the flow of your life so even if you can’t attend every time, there is still great value in joining a Group.
They happen across the region/ Most Groups meet in homes, while some meet in coffee shops or elsewhere. It’s up to the leader of the Group to select a meeting place that best fits the purpose of the Group.
It varies from Group to Group. When you look through our Xcel Group directory it may indicate whether it’s appropriate to bring children along. If in doubt, please just ask.
You can join most Groups at any time. Some Groups are based around a particular study so joining at the start would be better. If in doubt, please just ask.

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